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Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency – 5 Tips Most Founders Miss

The worst part about hiring a digital marketing agency that’s not the right fit is that: By the time you realize they can’t deliver results, it’s already too late.Imagine hiring an agency that can’t pinpoint the design or message to engage your audience.What if they can’t accurately target your ideal customers?It would be a complete waste.That’s […]

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Customer Discovery: How to Find Customers & Build Products They Want

Customer development is huge.

As complicated as it seems, startups that skip this are making a big mistake.

Truth is:

Understanding the underlying principles of customer development is easy and acting on them takes much less time than expected.

In this article we’ll tackle:

– How to create your business hypotheses
– Where to find your target customers to interview
– How to approach them
– How to complete your customer interviews in 2 days and what you should be learning from them

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