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This blog is for Early Stage Startups to help in launching and building their businesses.
A lack of passion or a lack of drive is not the biggest problem that early startups face.
The main problem is:
As much as you want or try to do something, if you don’t know how to do it, then you’re stuck.
When I started out, I found it difficult to get guidance and as a result, I made a tonne of avoidable mistakes.
That’s what this blog is about.
There’s no logic in spending 2+ years making the same mistakes that others have.
The articles provide in-depth, research backed and actionable steps for MENA early startups.
I’m on a mission to destroy the stat that 8 out 10 businesses fail and help startups reach their growth stage.
If you can relate to the above:
Then welcome on board and I hope the content is as impactful as can be.



Awad El Makkawi


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