Passion and drive are not the problem.
The main problem first time founders face is:
As much as you want to do something, if you don’t know how to do it, then you’re stuck.
When I started out, I found it difficult to get “actionable guidance” and I made a tonne of avoidable mistakes.
That’s what this educational platform is about.
A refusal to spend 2+ years making the same mistakes that others already have.
Here are the rules we live by.
  • Read, learn and get knowledge. Every. Single. Day
  • Understand that relying exclusively on external funding is not sustainable
  • Do not take constructive feedback personally because it leads to growth
  • Believe time is more precious than money
  • Focus on customers
  • Obsess over knowing business models, distribution channels, go-to-market strategy and buying cycles
  • Are ready to accept when things aren’t working (including the business itself). Scrap it. Move on
  • Believe that past failures do not mean future failures. We learn from them and we win
  • Accept that having a brilliant idea is not enough. Knowing how to bring it to life is what counts.
  • Know there’s a method to the madness – it’s calculated strategy
I’m on a mission to destroy the stat that 8 out of 10 startups fail
By helping early founders optimize and design scalable business models.
If you can relate to the above:
Then welcome on board.
Let’s go get it.



Awad Makkawi